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yay. update. finally.

i started university this week.
pretty sweet. but the 318-ha (786 acre?) campus is killing me. it's tough to get around. when not taking the main ringroad, we literally have to go through forests to get into another faculty building.
but it's so scenic that i don't mind walking around. pictures to come.
it's a bit like a small, sleepy town with same looking buildings scattered around. oh, a haunted town i should add.
yay for ghost sightings. pictures to come, hopefully.

my classes are looong and boh-ring.
the accountancy class is killing me. i hated it so bad back in high school.
but at least i got fridays and saturdays off. yay for 3 days weekend.
but i seriously miss taking physics class.

oh and i have a new good friend. his name is Christmast. such a merry name. he's muy funny and he digs jobim too. hoo. rah.

arrg. i need haircut. and new glasses. *___*
and. some. sleep.
mein gott. i failed the colourblind test.

at my uni today, we went through extensive health examination.
and i failed that damned Ishihara colourplate test and got diagnosed with a mild protanomalia.
fruckin crap.

must be a karma for constantly bashing my good friend Didit for being colourblind :\

Aug. 9th, 2003

in the past 3 days i've been eating 6 - 7 meals a day. not counting inbetween big snacks. and am constantly hungry.
father says that maybe i'm growing.
oh come on. i'm not even one fruckin' centimetre taller than 7 years ago. i've stopped at 4'10".
Didit says i'm growing.... widthwise. *stabs Didit*

but strangely yesterday i bought 2 size 24 jeans. because my size 26 jeans are all falling from my hip. and all my jeans are from the same brand.
i don't want to know what caused the size difference.

fruckin hell. i'm shrinking. constantly eating and shrinking. heh. it doesn't make any sense.

oh and more nonsense about freaking palmreading. see. i never make any sense.Collapse )

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